About The TECHCO Forum

The year 2020 brought with it a global change - social distancing. Our reality has been transferred to the virtual world. In response to this challenge, and combining our activities related to the launch of our new project - The Techco Forum - in order to provide quality both in terms of content and technology this edition will be held online. It will be a combination of online production, animated graphics, and the latest solutions in the field of multimedia to strengthen the content of the message communicated. This two-day event will take place in the form of dynamic conversations, connecting with external guests to draw attention to the speakers and the content they convey.
The Techco Forum focuses on 3 broad thematic blocks covering: environment, safety and security, and technologies.
All events will be streamed on the newly built PIPC’s sub-website.
Online event benefits to:
- Increase interest in the subject matter of the Techco Forum - safety and security, environment, and technologies
- Increase the number of participants (virtual participants).
- Increase media interest, triggered by the easy access to the streaming.
- All talks / presentations will be available online for about 6 months after the event to increase public interest in the main topics.
Expected number of participants: 300 participants (from public administration, public organizations, RC organizers, and PIPC Members).